Myra McIntosh is a preeminent legal practitioner with over a decade of dynamic experience.  Originally a native of Fort Worth, Texas, Myra attended Howard University, where she received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.  Thereafter, Myra attended, and received her law degree, from the prestigious Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.  Upon graduation from law school, she was employed by the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office.  In her five year tenure in Tarrant County, she quickly advanced through numerous positions of increasing responsibility, including the misdemeanor, felony, juvenile, and grand jury divisions. In 2007, Myra was  recruited to work for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. In Dallas County, she was further able to sharpen her trial and legal skills as a felony prosecutor.  In addition to trying the atypical felony cases such as murders, aggravated robberies, and burglaries, for four years, she worked in the Family Violence Division, where she gained specialized knowledge in felony and misdemeanor assault cases, and other domestic crimes involving family members such as murder and manslaughter.

          In short, Myra has an impressive legal record.  For the past eleven years, she has practiced before numerous judges and tried over 150 cases.  In addition to serving as a prosecutor in both Dallas and Tarrant Counties, since 2009, Myra  has served as the Legal Studies Director and full time professor in the Legal Studies Department at Paul Quinn College; as a lead instructor, she has taught more than twenty courses in the legal field.  Myra has also served as an instructor for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy—a renowned training course designed for new attorneys. 

Myra McIntosh

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